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MadBid is an extremely cheap online penny auction website which is becoming massively popular due to it’s new and unique method of bidding.
You can get 2 free credits when you sign up for a MadBid account and if you use our voucher code you can also get 30% off your first package of bids.

Use the code MADBID30 to get 30% off – but who knows, you might even win with your 2 free credits.

You can bid on all sorts of great stuff like brand new laptops, iPhones, LCD TVs, iPads, cars, Tesco vouchers and loads of other great stuff and often the auctions go for as little as a few pounds or even pennies. They boast an overall saving of 80% all the products on the site.

SIGN UP HERE to get your 2 free bids and remember to use the voucher if you want to buy a bid pack on Mad Bid.

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